Newsletter February 2018

Grahame and I head back to Cambodia on Tuesday 12th February as always the young ones have done a wonderful job of looking after Open Arms . we are very grateful to our women’s leader Deakson  who has been with us eleven years now as she keeps things calm and gives good advice when things get shaky.

The Training / Business side of Open Arms has now had seven months of self sufficiency , I can’t say it’s been easy but month by month we meet our commitments.

Rehoboth Prayer Room continues to bless the community and us all in Open Arms.

We are getting bookings  for Home Stay now so that will financially help .

The cafe continues to grow with catering being the strongest part of the hospitality part of Open Arms Sreynait is training again and enjoying it .

We are going to take on apprentices in the salon , how this will work is that girls / boys will train for the twelve months then we will take some of them into the salon on the two year apprenticeship  this will bring their skill to a higher level.


This is lengthy but it really shows all about the work.

As I have mentioned before all your donations now go to Alabaster House which is situated in the Red Light district of Phnom Penh.

In May this year we will have been in this area for four years , there have been many ups and downs but we are more than excited about the vision we have for 2018.

Here are the staff that so faithfully serve these broken people , they are extraordinary people they love and care unconditionally . These women have no official training but all you need is love and these ladies have buckets of that .

Alabaster Ladies

Deakson – Womens Leader

Senait     –  Carer

Pony.       –  Carer

Sreynait  –  Worship Leader and Trainer

Lita.         –  Administration

Alabaster Children

Jenna – Teacher / Youth

Chiva  –  Assistant Teacher / Youth

Lita     –   Administration / Youth

Sreyna – Youth

Dim      – Youth

Mol.     – Youth

Sreynean – Youth

Pov – Youth

So what’s happening in 2018 at Alabaster .


Nightly care from 5pm to 7am five nights a week.

The women are offered unconditional love and care .

They have devotions and bible studies.

They are given a good home cooked dinner and breakfast.

They bathe and they do there washing .

They are all given a antibiotic three monthly that is helping there physical bodies  .

They are offered free medical care .

They are offered any type of training they would like that would lead to a different better lifestyle.

After all of that they sleep like babies as they are safe isn’t that wonderful some of them hadn’t been safe for years as they slept on the streets of Phnom Penh.

Women Day Care started 2018. / At the moment it is just two days a week .

Day 1.

Worship / Sreynait mostly singing to them .

Craft / Sitting  in a circle chatting that’s great councilling

Cooking lessons for the community as well as thee ladies .

Day 2. Training

Self Love / Unconditional love of Christ




Conflict resolution

Alabaster Little Eagles / Five  days a week 9.30am to 5 pm

There are mostly 28 children come each day .

ALABASTER Little Eagle RULE/ From Jenna

1. Love each other

2. Be kind

3. Do not Fighting

4. Listen with your ear hear with your heart

5. Love and obey the teacher

6. Once come in the class do not go out until finish

Daily Activities .

Prayer / Memory verse

Self Care / Child Protection Good Touch Bad Touch

Craft / Games


Computer .


This is a very big part of the new vision for the area .

Open Arms will be starting a feeding program fir the children .

The teachers have identified that many children are going to school with an empty tummy .

There are two sections of school a day here in Cambodia one morning one afternoon , so we want to supply food for both of those groups .

We would like to create employment for a lady in the community to be the cook .

Folks we need funding for this would you prayfully  consider helping in this feeding program.

Salary $100    per month

Food.  $ 300  per month .

It was such a long newsletter but I hope you enjoyed it.

Thank you all for your ,ice care and support .

Grahame Sandra and the Open Arms Family

Merry Christmas!

christmas card 2017

Alabaster kids

Open Arms very some special friend teaching the Alabaster children how to play the ukulele very cute indeed , you have to see these babies worship to believe it God’s doing an amazing work in these children thanks team for your commitment, love and care.

Open Arms Alabaster kids

Newsletter march 2017

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Employment For Beauty Salon !

Open Arms is looking to hire a fully qualified woman or man to join the team of beauticians that work in the Beauty School and Beauty Salon.

The successful applicant will enjoy a good working environment, receive a good income and come under Open Arms staff policy .

The successful applicant with be required to work a six day week 9.00 to 6.00 and enjoy one extra day off per calendar month ,overtime is offered when necessary

The successful applicant will have the following qualities.

1.    Be a fully qualified hairdresser.

2.   Be able to do all a aspects  of fingernail art .

3.   Be able to do all aspects of makeup .

4.  Be able to train other young women and men.

5.  Be able  to carry our duties unsupervised .

6.  Be able to work as a team member .

7.  Have a good friendly personality .

8.  Have Some understanding of the English Language

For further inquiries please email

Grahame and Sandra Wade

Or ring Vanna 017239057