Alabaster kids

Open Arms very some special friend teaching the Alabaster children how to play the ukulele very cute indeed , you have to see these babies worship to believe it God’s doing an amazing work in these children thanks team for your commitment, love and care.

Open Arms Alabaster kids

Newsletter march 2017

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Employment For Beauty Salon !

Open Arms is looking to hire a fully qualified woman or man to join the team of beauticians that work in the Beauty School and Beauty Salon.

The successful applicant will enjoy a good working environment, receive a good income and come under Open Arms staff policy .

The successful applicant with be required to work a six day week 9.00 to 6.00 and enjoy one extra day off per calendar month ,overtime is offered when necessary

The successful applicant will have the following qualities.

1.    Be a fully qualified hairdresser.

2.   Be able to do all a aspects  of fingernail art .

3.   Be able to do all aspects of makeup .

4.  Be able to train other young women and men.

5.  Be able  to carry our duties unsupervised .

6.  Be able to work as a team member .

7.  Have a good friendly personality .

8.  Have Some understanding of the English Language

For further inquiries please email

Grahame and Sandra Wade

Or ring Vanna 017239057


Hi folks well after a whirlwind three weeks in Phnom Penh we are flying home today I must say it will be lovely to see our daughters and grandchildren again it’s been a long time and we have missed them , I often think that if we were young and had our family with us it would be a lot easier and we would stay in one place longer but it’s not how it is so we just do what is needed to be with both our families.

The three weeks has been a really good productive time but I wouldn’t want to do it this way again you just can’t accomplish what is needed in such a short time and I feel like a tourist missionary haha .
Anyway Open Arms held seven Christmas parties we saw hundreds of smiles heard squeals of laughter and delight and gave out hundreds of presents and received the most beautiful gifts from kids and adults that really have nothing but wanted to give isn’t that truly beautiful. My greatest delight personally is to see the older people men and woman get so excited at their gifts we are so very blessed to be doing this.
The businesses flourish this time of the year and the team get all excited and competitive saying I did better than you today but it’s all done in love , the catering has been very good so next year we will really work on that get hi g out there more .
Open Arms have just taken on three new volunteers one will work mainly at Alabaster and they all will be helping the team grow spiritually I am very excited  to have them as their hearts are all soft and caring.
The woman at Alabaster have really grown their health is better and they are more receptive to the team and the things of God He is their hope and they are seeing that . In the new year we will be concentrating on their health more .
Grahame and I had to make a very big decision just last week, we found out that some of the ladies were sleeping on Alabaster doorstep at night as they felt safe I had no idea this was happening and I must admit it touched me so deeply that I spent an night in prayer looking for answers to help them .
The staff were telling us their stories  and folks it’s just tragic also recently a woman had her baby stolen from next to her as she slept so really we had to move on this and we wanted to.
We called a meeting with the Alabaster team and folks they are my heroes they are older woman who have seen so many atrocities in their time that their hearts are as big as Texas they love these woman and want so much to help them .
After morning of meeting and hiring more staff it all went very quickly to Alabaster being opened at nights all night for the woman and until nine for  the kids as the children there do have homes.
The ladies will be given a lovely meal a hot shower and a warm bed and we are all so very happy about this and we know it will get too big fir Alabaster To contain but we have asked the ladies to just keep going until we get back.
What a team I honor them so much they are all dong two nights a week just because the woman know them and they want them to feel safe isn’t the just lovely.
Please pray for this new work as it will be very different from anything that we have done before and we will need lots of wisdom. Could you also pray for our team while we are away there always seems to be some sort of devision every time we go away.
So dear friends this my last newsletter until the new year again thank you for your and support .
Many blessings go to you all
Grahame , Sandra and the Open Arms Family .


Merry Christmas