Open Arms Family Home

photo (3)Open Arms Family Home started in 2002 as Destiny Children’s Home in Phnom Penh Cambodia. Grahame and Sandra Wade founded the children’s home and became the full time parents of 20 boys and 6 girls aged from 3 to 16 . The children all came from backgrounds of poverty, abuse or abandonment. Grahame and Sandra poured their love and resources into the lives of these children as they developed a unique family-style home.

There are  currently 1 boy and 4 girls aged from 18 to 25 from the original group living in the home, these five young people fully operate Open Arms when Grahame and Sandra are absent and it is expected that they will eventually take over the leadership of Open Arms Cambodia . 

One of the original children is now attending an internationally accredited university she will aim for a Bachelor Degree in accountancy, two of the other original children will attend university this year to learn Business Management and English at a level which will allow them to teach in an international school.

The young people that have left all have good employment, some are married with children and all are enjoying a good life they stay in contact with Grahame and Sandra.

Over the past thirteen years It has been a privilege to see many young Cambodian people embrace life with new passion and self love it has been  rewarding to see them with businesses that are flourishing, good employment and to see them married and  having children .




Alabaster House

Alabaster House is a new project of Open Arms it is situated in one of the red light districts in Phnom Penh the house is intended to be a drop in center for  women they will be offered a shower, sleep, food and lots of love and care it will also provide a safe place for children.

Each month over 200 women come through the house they are women who work on the streets and have no home ,the care givers say they are more peaceful and their health is improving, the women are  introduced to a caring Heavenly Father and they are also very gently told of a Christian way of life they are offered vocational training, Open Arms also gives medical care when necessary.

Open Arms team has identified an urgent need for the women that come to Alabaster. 

IMG_4414Some of these women are  desperate to leave the sex industry, learn a skill and start to lead a normal life. They have no homes or means and it seems impossible to them they say things like “But where would we live and how would we eat while we are training”  some of these ladies are very young and we know that if we can provide training for them they can have a bright future.

Open Arms now has accommodation available for these women, the rooms are away from their current area they can stay there until they are trained on completion there future will be discussed and the appropriate decisions made. 

Open Arms is assisting the families in the community with, Food, clothing, education and medical care when necessary.

Alabaster House Plan

Floor 1          Sunflower Salon used for training purposes.

Floor 2         Counseling room used as an office and prayer room.

Floor 3         Bathroom for showering ,each woman has her own beautifulIMG_4456 white towel and shower pack; perfume and body cream is available .

Adjacent to the bathroom is a small area which is furnished with huge cushions, worship music plays and, tea coffee and noodles are available for a quick snack.

Floor 4         Create arts room where the women can express themselves in many art forms. There will be a weekly cooking class and English teaching will also be made available

Roof Area.  There is a big roof area Grahame will secure it then we will have kids club one afternoon a week we will also create a garden restaurant area just to cater for some women that live on the street.




Vocational Training


Open Arms networks with 32 other NGOs in Cambodia .There are many organizations here in Cambodia caring for the young women and men that are rescued from poverty; trafficking and prostitution, there are various ways of assisting these young people there are after care homes counseling centers and vocational training centers. Open Arms meets the need by offering vocational training. the training consists of a Beauty School where they learn all aspects of beauty care, also housekeeping and cooking for westerners is available.


To date March 2015 eighty eight girls graduated and there be a 94% success rate of good quality employment, eight girls that were trained are now working in Open Arms Beauty Salon. Thirteen of the graduates have started their own salons and are doing very well.

Open Arms Training Centre

From Training to Enterprise -From poverty to Freedom

  • Open Arms train’s young people who are underprivileged or rescued.
  • Open Arms train’s girls and boys from other Non-Government Organisations in Cambodia a small fee is charged.
  • Open Arms will also train girls and boys from the community  .
  • Open Arms takes in students all year round.
  • Open Arms not only trains the young people in their chosen skill there is also a course available called Chosen and Precious. The course teaches self-esteem, personal hygiene, personal grooming and healthy relations all founded on biblical principles.
  • Open Arms also teaches customer service, and a small amount of business principles.
  • Open Arms has a graduation party each year in February and it is the delight of all the students.

Open Arms Beauty School   Beauty School

Subjects Include  

  • Hair
  • Fingernail Art
  • Makeup
  • Skin Care
  • Salon maintenance

Open Arms Basics Principles of Restaurant Service and Cooking

Subjects Include:

  • Table Setting
  • Customer Service
  • Restaurant cleaning including washing and ironing
  • How to keep a restaurant clean including toilets washing and ironing, also personal hygiene
  • Customer service, table setting including napkin folding
  • Western meals including soups, main meals, salads, desserts, cakes and pastries
  • Hot and Cold Beverages.

For any information concerning training please email us on our contact email and we can supply you with more details.


My name is Phara, I’m 19 years old. I’m one of the salon staff members of Open Arms I’ve been working here for about 9 months so far, and I was train to be a hairdresser in Open Arms training center. When I come to study here my life has been change a lot. I’ve had good trainer good care form Open Arms, all open arms staff and trainer are very love and kind people they make me feel very warm here. And I would like to say thanks you to every one of them that have been trained me and encourage me to keep going, and do the best I could. Even I’m not very good or cleaver at my career, but they have been trying to support me until I have complete my training program. After I have done my training course Open Arms has employ me to work as they know that my skill isn’t great or good enough to have the job but they have given me this great opportunity and because of this job it has been a good support for my family in the provinces. I am really thanks full to Jesus for giving me this opportunity to work here and to know Open Arms people. Thank you.

My name is Sophy, I have been trained in Open Arms Beauty School for 1 year to be a hairdresser, and I have been employed to work here about 3 years now. Open arms is a very good place, we have learn a lot about loving, caring and kind to each other, and we have had a very godly mum that always encourage the staff and teach the staff to live in good life. When we sick we been taking good care and when one of us get married they give us a lovely party and brought us gift. And the very great thing is we been trained about Jesus, how to know him, and my life have been change when I started to working with Open Arms and I become a Christian and know god. He has working a lot in my life so far and mum and pa are very kind people, they loved us and teach us good things. And I am very happy to become a hairdresser and so happy that Open Arms has provide us a good skill in our life.



Village Outreach

From the beginning, Sandra and Grahame have encouraged the young people to reach out and be a blessing to their local communities. As part of the help provided some time ago to a particular rural village, the Open Arms young people assisted Grahame in building several homes for needy families. In addition to this, funds were raised from Australia for a water well to be placed within the village. The older children also gave lessons in English and Khmer to older people in the village, some of whom had never written or read before. The Open Arms group gained many positive experiences such as construction skills, planning, social services and Khmer cultural lessons.

The Village

Village friends

Village friends

The current Open Arms village project is based about 2 hours from Phnom Penh. Since 2009 workers with Open Arms have travelled to the village each week to teach sewing classes, English classes, and life skills and to assist the community where they can. Open Arms young people assist the workers during school holidays.

  • Village Projects.
  • House Building
  • Toilet Blocks
  • Water filtration.
  • Care for the elderly (food, medicine and massage from students from salon)
  • English Literacy